We offer activities for school classes and groups. Please contact us beforehand.

Corporations, associations, organizations and groups are also welcome. We can
arrange guided tours and activities as required. We also offer food to be served.
Take the opportunity to try real stone-age food such as “pit cooked fish”, elk soup
or genuine flat bread with elk meat – all served with coffee, tea or soft drinks.

Javelin throwing, archery, fire making using tools from the stone – and iron age
are among the many activities our visitors can participate in.


Click here for the latest news (in Swedish only) or contact us by e-mail
for information in english.

Opening times

2012: June 23th - July 29 exhibitions will be
open daily between 11.00 - 16.00.

Please, contact us by e-mail or by phone
+46 70 691 85 46 for more information
about Glösa rock art center.

The Glösa news bulletin

The Glösa news bulletin (.pdf) contains
articles and photos covering the various
activities of the Elk Clan settlement and
the exhibitions of Glösa rock art center.

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Glösa Nyheter - sommar

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