The Elk Clan settlement

We try to get as close to the everyday life of the prehistoric trapper as

The hut is a reconstruction based on an excavated hut that was found
three miles from Glösa. The size and shape of the original hut was used
in the reconstruction and the material is completely contemporary and
made of birch poles and birch bark.

The clothes are obviously of elk hide. The skins are extensively used as
the material for the garments but the clothes are not made to a specific
pattern or fashion. Ideas were inspired from the clothes of Otzi the iceman.
The time is right! Bone carvings provide other clues. We dare to say that
these garments are the closest replications made in Sweden today.

We have more than 30 elk hide costumes available for use during
summer camps and other events. You are welcome to try them out!

Watch a video clip of winter skiining. The skis used in the clip are
kfaithful relicas of the 5200 years old skis that were found in the village
of Kalvträsk.

During winter our visitors can try out various models of skis along with
typical prehistoric clothes such as elk fur coats, beaver fur hats, gloves
and shoes.You may also try Javelin throwing and archery.
Please, contact us for more information.

The elk hall is filled with objects showing how the prehistoric
trappers lived their lives.

During summer, the trappers used canoes made of skins (an idea inspired from the oldest recovered boat in the world that was found
in Hamburg)

During summer, various musical instruments are demonstrated in
the Elk hall. You may also try some of the instruments yourself.
Click the links below to listen to some of these instruments:

Elk skin drum
Bone flute
Bulöl roarer
Various instruments